GregJune 5th ’14

It’s going to happen. We’re not exactly sure when, but it is likely (or at least possible!) that Drupal 8 will have a full release in the final quarter of 2014. With any major version update we typically get calls from at least a few panicked clients wondering what they need to do. “do we have to upgrade?”, “will my version continue to be supported?” or “IS MY SITE GOING TO EXPLODE?”

Jarad LightApril 30th ’14

Grunt and Bower are great command line tools for automating tedious front-end workflow tasks, and quickly adding libraries to a project. With Grunt we can define a series of tasks such as concatenating files, compressing images, running scripts, and so on. Bower is self-described as a “package manager for the web”. It provides an easy way to install a wide variety of libraries into a project, from twitter bootstrap, jQuery, font-awesome, and even your own personal repositories.

Recently one of my friends decided it was time to pop the big question to his girlfriend, and had asked for some help in searching out a good company to purchase the engagement ring from. As two web industry folks, our online search quickly turned from excitement into frustration as we started to see a trend in online versions of local and national jewelry stores – poor usability structures and very few mobile/responsive sites.
Drupal 8 is coming with more API changes than ever before. Are you ready?? Prepare yourself by upgrading your first Drupal 8 module right here on the Fuse Interactive blog. Learn by doing and follow along as we explore the new Routing component, OOP Drupal, PSR autoloading... and more!

Understanding the Humble Clearfix

Ryan — January 20th ’14 in css
Front-end developers with some experience will be familiar with the notion of “clearfixing”. Typically, we run across this problem early in our careers, learn the fix, then don’t think much about it again. But sometimes it’s useful to return to familiar things to deepen what we already know.