While working as a junior web developer, I spent most of my time with WordPress developing several WordPress websites for my clients. I enjoyed developing custom themes and addressing my client's requirements with all the cool plugins available for WordPress. Now that I have been working for a shop that focuses on Drupal, I have had to wrap my head around the differences between the two platforms. There are substantial conceptual differences between the two CMSs and I would like to share my experience working with Drupal.

Over 8 months after release and my first D8 site under my belt I can now say I am excited for the future of working with Drupal’s freshest release. That being said at this stage in the game the decision to go with D8 should approached with caution. It does what it does well but many of those shiny contrib modules you’re used to using just aren’t there yet. Unless your team and client are willing to spend the time and money needed to develop or port the missing functionality it might not be a fit for that particular project.

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Fuse has moved!

Greg — June 29th ’16 in News

Since 2003, Fuse has called Vancouver's Railtown home. We started in a 300 sq.ft office with just me and my partner and have upgraded every few years as we have grown.

While it's important to ensure that content is viewable on as many browsers as possible, supporting archaic browsers often means an increased budget to accommodate a consistently decreasing number of users. At Fuse, working with our clients to outline browser support helps ensure they understand the implications of support levels across a variety of platforms, and prioritizes development of critical project features.

Drupal has a fantastic community of hard-working individuals, many of whom do not see remuneration for their efforts to keep Drupal moving forward. It can be truly rewarding to contribute to large projects like this, knowing that the work you do is improving the lives of many developers and clients the world over.