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Understanding the Humble Clearfix

Ryan — January 20th ’14 in css
Front-end developers with some experience will be familiar with the notion of “clearfixing”. Typically, we run across this problem early in our careers, learn the fix, then don’t think much about it again. But sometimes it’s useful to return to familiar things to deepen what we already know.

I'm a lazy developer. Probably one of the laziest I know. I try not to commit anything to memory that can be looked up with 2 seconds of typing and a click. If I know someone else knows the answer and they're within earshot I'm definitely not going to sit around and try to figure it out myself. That's not to say I won't work hard or can't learn, but it's all about efficiency in the work place for me.

Making sure your Drupal is up to date is a good start but often people forget about keeping PHP up to date. PHP 5.3 has reached end of life and will no longer have any more security updates in July 2014. It is important to make sure your site is running on a supported version. Please note, it is also important to make sure all your server's other software are up to date (i.e.


More and more these days the impending release of Drupal 8 is being discussed within our team and in client meetings. While it’s scheduled to be released later in 2014, we’re already looking forward to how it’s going to change and improve our workflows. While we wait for it's release we'll be busy porting the modules we maintain to D8 and working on a plan for migrating some of our aging (and soon to be unsupported) D6 sites.