CodiJuly 25th ’08

Magento… cha ching!

Codi — July 25th ’08 in Development

Here at the office, when someone wants a small e-commerce site setup we usually leverage ZenCart. It’s well tested and supported and runs countless stores on the web already, but I’m all about change and moving up the stack to the next latest and greatest. Enter Magento.

GregJuly 10th ’08

One of Fuse’s favorite clients got some good press recently here. Fuse has been PhotoGIFTCARD’s technology partner for over two years now, helping them land contracts with Subway US/Canada, Earl’s, Joey’s, Cactus Club and Esquire’s Coffee Houses to name a few. With software built by the Fuse team, brings a personal touch to gift card giving.

GregJuly 6th ’08

Fuse starts blogging

Greg — July 6th ’08 in Client News

We don’t have mad writing skills, but we think we come up with things here and there that are worth telling you about. Here’s some of the things we’re planning on writing about: