AndreAugust 2nd ’13


· We want to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site.

· We want to be able to test changes on live server environment.

· We want to easily roll back changes.

1. How to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site?

RyanJuly 28th ’13

A lot has been written in the last year about the whys and hows of icon fonts. The field has been well-explored and documented, and we now find ourselves with no shortage of well-designed, free and paid icons sets. However, there are some situations in which you might need to step out and make your own. If you do, this post covers some of the finer considerations of designing icon fonts for day-to-day UI work, like paying attention to scale and alignment, optical sizing, and when to ignore antialiasing.

I’m a list maker. A big one. There’s just something satisfying about crossing items off a list when they’re complete. And definitely when it comes to creating a website, there are many opportunities to create lists in every project we do. While both the design and development phases have their own specific and unique requirements, ultimately at the end is when we need to triple check we have included all of the essential elements to make your website or application shine.

GregJuly 15th ’13

Things have been changing quickly over the last couple of years when it comes to designing and building websites that are optimized for mobile, tablet & desktop. While dedicated mobile sites and apps still have their use cases, responsive web design is more often than not where we land after establishing a multi-platform web strategy.

Ever want to create re-useable value sets in Drupal? No, not Taxonomy! Just simple key value pairs that can be used as allowed values for fields or webforms. Learn how using the Values module in this weeks Drupal Module of the Week!