CodiJuly 3rd ’13

A little idea has been germinating in our heads for a while here at Fuse.

We’ve had a small distribution that we’ve used as the foundation for all of our new client builds that’s served us well in the past. It provided a healthy amount of default configuration for every possible site we would be building. Things like common module configurations, developer tools, default path aliases, additional quick links in the shortcut bar, and even a sub theme based on our base theme at the time of adaptive theme.

EvanJune 20th ’13

Around 6 months ago, I introduced Seed, our Drush-based Drupal development server environment. Seed allows you to take care of a lot of tedious tasks of operating a Drupal development server, like setting up virtual hosts and creating MySQL databases, via a simple command-line interface. Today, I'm taking a look at some of the improvements and features that has gone in to Seed since then to help make your development workflow easier.

ChrisJune 20th ’13

Today, Greg sent out a link to some guy's blog post about how programmers estimate time for tasks/jobs. It's a pretty good post, you should read it. The link came at a funny time though which is why I'm writing this post. I was in the middle of a somewhat medial task that in my head should have only taken 5 minutes.

AdnanJune 14th ’13

Being completely enveloped in the wide world of web design has made me rather comfortable with being a critic of not only design decisions of others, but a harsh critic of what I produce.
It’s incredibly comforting to know that this dilemma is not just ours to suffer with. Stepping away from the internet and taking the time to examine just how other industries face the same issues.

AndreJune 7th ’13

Here at Fuse, we’ve been working on a few commerce projects lately. We've been using Commerce Kickstart as the base for some projects and customize to meet client business requirements. By using Kickstart, we no longer need to download a long list of modules and configure them individually, it saves us many hours of work and save money for our clients. For users that are new to Drupal, and want to have an online store, Commerce Kickstart is great.