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If you’re using Sass to preprocess your stylesheets, you’ve probably discovered partials. A partial is a sub-stylesheet, intended to be included as part of a main stylesheet rather than being processed into its own file. Partials are great for building more organized stylesheets, but managing lots of separate includes by hand can be a drag. Thankfully, we can use the sass-globbing gem to make use of partials without the extra overhead.

It can be tough sometimes for web developers. That beautiful/exciting/inspiring new site that’s almost ready to launch looks great and works well in all browsers… except for Internet Explorer.  Menus don’t align properly, rounded corners disappear, images don’t quite fit the same… It’s a continual challenge to help IE fit in with the big boys Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

CodiApril 23rd ’13


Codi — April 23rd ’13 in Tutorials, Development

So here's the scenario. A year or two ago we had an SVN server. In house because it was easy enough to set up and the options for hosted services weren't as abundant and cool as they are now. We had all sorts of space to commit anything and everything to SVN and the added benefit of local network speeds when checking out repositories.

The conclusion to the CKEditor & the WYSIWYG Module tutorial series.. Learn how to create a native CKEditor plugin and expose it to CKEditor using either the WYSIWYG module or the CKEditor module API.

Spring 2013 Project Roundup

Greg — April 12th ’13 in Client News

It’s been a wee bit crazy here over the last few months. Our blog has suffered as a result. Carving out time for writing has been tough. We see a faint light at the end of the tunnel now and hope to get back to some helpful Drupal related posts. In the meantime, i thought i’d give you a sampling of what we’ve been working so hard on the last few months and what we’ve got lined up for the next few.