EvanApril 13th ’12

Devel is a module I can't live without these days. In my opinion, it's an invaluable part of building an maintaining Drupal sites. It makes it incredibly easy to peek inside data structures, inspect nodes and gather performance information, such as slow queries. My main problem with devel, however, is that it simply dumps its information on the bottom of a page. To improve the usability of devel, we here at Fuse Interactive, came up with the idea of Devel Catcher.

Learn how to customize CKEditor when integrating it into Drupal using the WYSIWYG module. In part 1 of our CKEditor & the WYSIWYG Module tutorial series you'll learn how to use the correct theme CSS in the editor, create custom styles, and rearrange/group buttons in the toolbar.

AdnanMarch 9th ’12

In the quest for improving our project workflow, we have tried many methodologies over the years, and while it's difficult to say that every single attempt has gone as planned, each project has presented its own challenges, which bring us to where we currently stand.

CodiMarch 8th ’12

The cost of Drupal

Codi — March 8th ’12 in Planet Drupal

At Fuse we work exclusively with Drupal. Every project starts with an assessment of what we need to do for a clients’ site and ultimately how we’ll do it with Drupal. We tend to sell our clients and ourselves on the fact that the Drupal framework can do pretty much anything and with the plethora of contributed modules it pretty much can.

That is… until it can’t.

Just today we were struggling with a Views concept that was leaving a couple of us scratching our head -- how do we get a list of nodes that share a taxonomy term with another node? At first I thought this would be easy, just throw in a relationship and we'd be done! Unfortunately this was only partly true, the final solution was a little more complicated and involved a bit of trial and error.