Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver’s mandate and vision is to hold a mirror up to the city and lead provocative conversations about its past, present and future. The MOV houses a tremendous collection that includes over 100,000 objects ranging from Coast Salish cultural objects to one of the world’s great collections of neon signs. This collection belongs to the City of Vancouver and its residents.

Fuse was brought aboard to help execute their vision on the web. We started with building an innovative collections management system that serves both the day to day needs of curatorial staff while providing an engaging web based research and discovery tool for students, researchers and anyone interested in joining the conversation. The openMOV was born.

Upon completion of the first phase of the openMOV Fuse was brought in to revamp the Museum’s public website. Museum staff were handcuffed by a poorly built site and a custom content management system that simply wasn’t working. Fuse revamped the design and rebuilt the site on Drupal 7 platform giving non-technical staff the ability to manage content easily and in a timely fashion.