Codi — April 23rd ’13

So here's the scenario. A year or two ago we had an SVN server. In house because it was easy enough to set up and the options for hosted services weren't as abundant and cool as they are now. We had all sorts of space to commit anything and everything to SVN and the added benefit of local network speeds when checking out repositories.

The conclusion to the CKEditor & the WYSIWYG Module tutorial series.. Learn how to create a native CKEditor plugin and expose it to CKEditor using either the WYSIWYG module or the CKEditor module API.

Over the past few months we've been busily working away on our brand new, nearly complete Fuse Interactive website, which will use Disqus in place of Drupal's commenting system. Of course, we didn't want to lose any of our existing comments when we made the switch, so we had to export our existing comments from Drupal and import them to our Disqus account. There's gotta be a module, right?

Here at Fuse we're excited to be taking the wraps off something we've been working on for awhile now, a project called Seed. Seed is a set of Drush commands which allow you to perform actions such as setting up new user accounts, creating MySQL databases and setting up new projects for developers.

According to the Features project page the first commit of code was more than 3 years ago by Young Hahn. The first commit on d.o. for drush make? Over 2 years ago.