A client came to us recently and wanted to transfer his site from another company.  We needed to apply security updates to the code but we didn't have access to any version control history of the source code.  We used the Hacked! module to see if there is any custom code added to Drupal core or contrib modules so that we don’t lose any custom changes when we update the site.  Hacked! Comes with a web user interface but I prefer to run it in

In part 2 of our CKEditor & the WYSIWYG Module tutorial series we explore the CKEditor API and show you how to customize dialogs windows as well as create your very own.

A little over a year ago we were approached by OpenRoad Auto Group, one of Canada’s premier auto dealer networks, to develop a system that would allow them to manage their group site and 9 individual dealer web sites. They were coming from a scenario where each of their dealer sites were managed independently. They were faced with brand inconsistencies, dated design and multiple systems to administer with very little automation. With further expansion on the horizon, this needed to change.

Devel is a module I can't live without these days. In my opinion, it's an invaluable part of building an maintaining Drupal sites. It makes it incredibly easy to peek inside data structures, inspect nodes and gather performance information, such as slow queries. My main problem with devel, however, is that it simply dumps its information on the bottom of a page. To improve the usability of devel, we here at Fuse Interactive, came up with the idea of Devel Catcher.

Relating Nodes with Views

Evan — February 24th ’12

Just today we were struggling with a Views concept that was leaving a couple of us scratching our head -- how do we get a list of nodes that share a taxonomy term with another node? At first I thought this would be easy, just throw in a relationship and we'd be done! Unfortunately this was only partly true, the final solution was a little more complicated and involved a bit of trial and error.