Drupal Performance Tuning ++

Codi — January 27th ’12

Evan wrote a good article about the various high level options you have when looking at performing some lightweight drupal performance tuning. Good if you're just looking to optimize page load times and resource utilization on a server you may not have command line access to. What I'm going to share is the learning we've done over the course of many Drupal deployments in VPS and Dedicated hosting environments where we DO have access to some of the more low level options and settings made available with root or administrator access.

Drupal Performance Tuning

Evan — January 6th ’12

Performance problems are a bit of an embarrassment of riches. It's great that your site is getting a lot of visitors, but are all those visitors slowing down your site or potentially causing crashes? How do you go about resolving this issue? Unfortunately there's no hard-and-fast answer to performance problems, and examining the shear breadth and depth of the topic would result in the longest and most boring blog post ever. However I will attempt to outline the general strategies you might follow to diagnose and solve problems.

Working with Drupal's private files

Codi — December 9th ’11

On a recent project at Fuse we had to provide access to file uploads through Drupal only to users that were authenticated. One way to do this is to use the private files feature that Drupal core comes with. Something we hadn’t done until now.

This is a quick post to go through some of the important factors to consider when applying security updates to your Drupal site.  It's not always as easy as just downloading the updates and applying them.  I've assembled a list of things we consider when we are updating our client sites.  For our clients that are reading this post, this is what we do for the $$ you pay us each month!

Before you update

On Friday May 6th, I attended the Storytelling for a Web-Made World presentation at the Museum of Vancouver, an event for Make Web, Not War. Here's what went down, along with some thoughts from me at the end.

Omar Rashid, Director of Municipal Government and Public Safety for Microsoft Canada was first to speak, discussing storytelling and how, over time, stories can be lost to history, forgotten by time and shrinking populations.