During a recent build, we ran into an issue that left us scratching our heads.  IE refused to load the main stylesheet. Normally, something like this would be caused by a faulty configuration file, but seeing how all other browsers worked fine, it came down to IE being IE.

As it turns out, IE has an undocumented limit of 32 individual stylesheets.  Now, this isn't a huge concern for production sites since we compress all stylesheets to keep the load time to the minimum.  It is however a problem in a development environment, where IE debugging needs to take place.

Prepopulate is a handy module for auto filling fields on a node creation page with values from the url. This way you can provide 'content creation' links on your Drupal site, prepopulated with things like taxonomy terms, profile data, etc...

Drupal Module of the Week

Codi — June 2nd ’09

Our first installment of "Drupal Module of the Week". A weekly post about a new module that we like around the office, currently using in a project, or some that we're even incorporating into our Fuse Drupal Base Install.

So right off the bat, we're going to cheat just to get up to speed and cover all the obvious basics. These are the ones that we blindly download for every new Drupal install. Most of us black out and let our auto-pilot click in. The next installment will be a lot more in depth.

Bad FTP!! Go lie down!

Codi — August 22nd ’08

FTP has been around for a while. The core functionality for FTP was drafted back in 1972, which in itself isn’t that bad as that’s when most of the foundation for internet technologies were drafted. But FTP hasn’t changed much to keep up with other technologies around it. It’s outdated and insecure and you should refuse to use it as a client and ask for it to be removed from you server. Here’s why…

Magento… cha ching!

Codi — July 25th ’08

Here at the office, when someone wants a small e-commerce site setup we usually leverage ZenCart. It’s well tested and supported and runs countless stores on the web already, but I’m all about change and moving up the stack to the next latest and greatest. Enter Magento.