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Performing Drupal site audits

Codi — September 3rd ’13

Taking over an existing site from a contract developer or company that doesn't primarily build Drupal sites (or even some that do) can often be a daunting task.

Often we find our clients assume that all Drupal sites are created equal, and as we're taking it over we can just dive right in and start developing. Unfortunately that's not always the case so we end up doing a site audit.

A site audit accomplishes a couple things:


· We want to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site.

· We want to be able to test changes on live server environment.

· We want to easily roll back changes.

1. How to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site?

Things have been changing quickly over the last couple of years when it comes to designing and building websites that are optimized for mobile, tablet & desktop. While dedicated mobile sites and apps still have their use cases, responsive web design is more often than not where we land after establishing a multi-platform web strategy.

Ever want to create re-useable value sets in Drupal? No, not Taxonomy! Just simple key value pairs that can be used as allowed values for fields or webforms. Learn how using the Values module in this weeks Drupal Module of the Week!

Something's budding at Fuse

Codi — July 3rd ’13

A little idea has been germinating in our heads for a while here at Fuse.

We’ve had a small distribution that we’ve used as the foundation for all of our new client builds that’s served us well in the past. It provided a healthy amount of default configuration for every possible site we would be building. Things like common module configurations, developer tools, default path aliases, additional quick links in the shortcut bar, and even a sub theme based on our base theme at the time of adaptive theme.