User Experience

User Experience as it relates to Content Management Systems tends to overlook its most important users: Content Editors & Administrators.

Over 8 months after release and my first D8 site under my belt I can now say I am excited for the future of working with Drupal’s freshest release. That being said at this stage in the game the decision to go with D8 should approached with caution. It does what it does well but many of those shiny contrib modules you’re used to using just aren’t there yet. Unless your team and client are willing to spend the time and money needed to develop or port the missing functionality it might not be a fit for that particular project.

Half-assing Web Accessibility

Adnan — December 2nd ’13

Web accessibility as a whole is a set of recommendations for ensuring that information on websites can easily be consumed by anyone and everyone. This is applies to every user: Mike, whose mouse no longer works; Jane, who is completely unable to operate mechanical input; Sarah, who is partially colour blind; to Steve, who cannot see at all.

Something's budding at Fuse

Codi — July 3rd ’13

A little idea has been germinating in our heads for a while here at Fuse.

We’ve had a small distribution that we’ve used as the foundation for all of our new client builds that’s served us well in the past. It provided a healthy amount of default configuration for every possible site we would be building. Things like common module configurations, developer tools, default path aliases, additional quick links in the shortcut bar, and even a sub theme based on our base theme at the time of adaptive theme.

Make your design functional

Adnan — June 14th ’13

Being completely enveloped in the wide world of web design has made me rather comfortable with being a critic of not only design decisions of others, but a harsh critic of what I produce.
It’s incredibly comforting to know that this dilemma is not just ours to suffer with. Stepping away from the internet and taking the time to examine just how other industries face the same issues.