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It happens every once in a while that you need to order your nodes arbitrarily. That is, sorted neither "ascending" nor "descending". An example of this might be an employee listing page on a company website. It's likely that the employee listing needs to be sorted by order of importance (for lack of a better term) with the bosses at the top, the interns at the bottom, and everyone else in between.

Today we will talk Form API. The API allows to expand your Drupal installation with highly extendable and secure forms. In this particular post I will show how to create a multi-step survey with file upload ability. Form API is part of Drupal's core and there's no need to download it.

To make it easier to implement multi-step forms we'll use Chaos tool suite, an additional set of API's made to further streamline developing.

All code will reside in a custom module. For the purpose of this tutorial let's call it multi_step_form.

For every new Drupal project there are many components and setup steps that are the same or similar to other projects.  These steps are repetitive and time consuming.  We needed to be able to standardize and automate the setup process to reduce human error and increase efficiency.

Here is an example of some of the steps that are repeated for every project (doing it the traditional way):

We’ve got Drupal development environments at the push of a button. We’ve got remote server setups with automated scripts, hourly and daily backups of everything we could need and a swanky dashboard to monitor it all. But still, the holy grail of the Drupal workflow eludes us. The holy grail, in this case being a completely code driven development process.

Creating slides in Drupal

Yeti — June 23rd ’10

Over the course of last few projects we had to incorporate a content slider in one way or another. This method of highlighting parts of the site's content has become increasingly popular, partly due to being used on popular sites like

When it comes to Drupal and slider (or rotator) modules, there's abundance of choice. Today we'll look into Views Slideshow, one a few slider modules that's being actively developed for the current version of Drupal and the upcoming Drupal 7.