Planet Drupal

Time Sheets in Open Atrium

Codi — May 27th ’10

Fuse recently released Time Tracker for Open Atrium. Time Tracker allows us to track time for cases and with the accompanying feature we can then report on the time entries for projects by group member (or all members), for any time span we wish. This has been an excellent tool and has made Open Atrium a more complete project management system for us.

Introducing: Fuse Basic

Adnan — May 3rd ’10

Here at Fuse we argue from time to time about the best ways to do things in Drupal. Do we go with module 'x' or module 'y?  Do we use views or custom code, etc... One of the more heated "debates" we've had lately was which base theme to use. We had been using Zen for a while but Niall, a themer that joined the Fuse team a while back, swears by Basic.

Drupal + XSPF

Niall — March 1st ’10

Having worked on many Drupal sites with music players I have used a number of solutions but never quite found something that worked perfectly for me. Recently I have done a number of sites that required the ability to have a play list that is easily managed by the client without messing around with xml files and ftp uploads. There are a couple solutions for this but i am going to focus on one solution which is using the XSPF Playlist module.

Step 1: Enable the modules.

Ajax is becoming a standard, oft asked for feature in our Drupal sites. Clients like it because it makes their sites look 'slick'. We don't like it because it causes a few PITA's especially when it came time for us to integrate with Drupal's FAPI (Form API). Not so anymore. After needing to dig in and make a couple custom AJAX modules for a clients site, we got pretty familiar with the ins and outs of what is appropriately called AHAH. Now we're sharing it with you.