We Plan, We Design, We Build With Drupal

Drupal is simply the best Open Source Content Management System on the planet. It allows us to build both simple and complex websites that are easily managed by you.

We take the control away from the basement-dwelling developer and give it to you — the marketer, the manager, the team. We focus on Drupal because we tell it what to do and it does it. Although there are few limits, Drupal does need our help — and we’re really good helpers. Some call us the Drupal Whisperers. Read more about why we like Drupal. We work directly with all sorts of clients to plan, design and execute web initiatives. We also partner with agencies that know what they want to do for their clients, but don’t quite know how to get there. We bring out Drupal, and get the job done.


Drupal is a fabulous framework for building applications. Whether for a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform or a simple internal tool for managing data, Drupal is a fabulous platform.

Drupal Web Development

We help businesses help themselves when it comes to handsome and functional websites. Our planning and design processes insure your web presence is on brand, structured well and appropriately targeted. Our development process makes sure you have a scalable website that grows along with your needs.

The cost of maintaining your corporate website without the help of a Content Management System like Drupal can be astronomical. When Fuse designs and builds corporate websites we do so with your non-technical communications staff in mind. We structure your content so that you simply don't have to think too much. Focus on good content and forget about how the heck you are going to get it up to the website. Updates that you would normally have to send to your web specialists are now easily within your grasp.

Mobile Web

With mobile traffic to websites set to overtake desktop traffic, it’s essential that you have a mobile strategy in place for your web presence. Responsive web design, mobile themes, dedicated mobile sites and native apps are all options to be considered.

Responsive web design is one approach we often take when executing a mobile strategy. One website that adapts its display and content based on the size of the browser window (mobile, tablet, desktop) means you don’t need a separate mobile site or a device specific apps. One code base and one place to manage content means less money and time spent on your website. There are cases where responsive design is not the answer. That’s where mobile themes, sites and apps can be considered. We can help you navigate the pitfalls of each coming up with the best solution for your business.

Social Web

Building community is the best way to create traction for your cause, business, product or service. Whether it’s a blog, forum, Facebook/Twitter integration or team collaboration, Drupal is a solid choice for creating communities.

We’ve been building active online communities for quite a while now and know the keys to bringing people back to your site. While there may be no better open source tool for creating community driven websites, a friend like Fuse can really help define or refine your Drupal-based strategy.

eCommerce Sites

Over the years, Fuse has built a plethora of effective E-commerce sites. Some fully custom, and some using Open Source software such as Zen Cart, OSCommerce and Magento. While we have had great success with all of these, none are quite the perfect fit for Drupal.

Drupal Commerce is emerging as an enterprise level eCommerce platform that will allow for infinite customization and seamless integration with Drupal.

Commerce Kickstart - a Drupal distribution built on Drupal Commerce - is a great out-of-the-box solution for sites that sell digital downloads, physical goods and/or memberships. Have a unique requirement for your eCommerce site? The dynamic and growing nature of Drupal means that there’s most likely already a module in existence to meet your exact business needs. If not, we can build one.

Intranets and Extranets

Fuse provides consulting services for both Drupal & Open Atrium (A Drupal-based product byDevelopment Seed) both of which make fantastic platforms for intranets and extranets. Here at Fuse, we use Open Atrium to help manage all our internal communications and projects. Atrium can further be customized to match the requirements of almost any business.

From a product perspective, Open Atrium provides an intranet and extranet solution that includes collaboration features that are commonly needed by organizations seeking to build social networking and sharing websites. Centered on the concept of letting users organize themselves into formal and informal groups, Open Atrium then allows collaboration, and access to a suite of universal features.