Upgrade your training with Opigno LMS

With more businesses transitioning to remote work and schools offering distance learning there is a growing demand for online tools that create an engaging learning experience for users. Learning management systems offer a complete package to get your training up and running with ease. Administrators can create content rich courses, enroll learners and track and assess their progress.

Why Opigno and open source

Opigno is a Drupal-based LMS that is designed for universities, government organizations and businesses big and small. Being built with Drupal means it’s easily scalable, flexible and open source. Thousands of companies in many different sectors have already chosen to use Opigno for their e-learning solution. With many companies already using the Drupal platform for their public sites and intranets the familiarity makes onboarding learners and administrators a breeze. 

Opigno brings a dedicated community of Drupal contributors that strive to keep the platform innovative, accessible and secure. Being open source means it’s easily adaptable to your needs, you’ll never be constrained by the vision of its developers. You can always be confident that your documents and user data are safe and secure with a community of 100,000+ contributors testing and tracking down bugs.

What Opigno offers

Classes, courses and learning paths

Opigno allows you to group learners into classes which allows you to easily assign specific training to a group of individuals. With a robust course creation system you can create highly customized courses and group them into learning paths. Learning paths will guide users through their training. Results from quizzes along the way allow you to track progress and determine whether a learner has met the requirements to move on to the next course.

Learning Path

Modules and Activities

A guided training creation wizard will help you every step of the way to create interactive and engaging content that is completely reusable. Modules make up the steps of course and allow you to group activities, assign points for completion and set requirements to progress to the next module. 

Activities harness the power of H5P an open source library of tools for creating interactive content such as interactive videos, presentations, multiple choice questions and many more. Each activity can be given a point value that contributes toward the module completion.


Scorm Support

Opigno fully supports SCORM which is a set of technical standards for e-learning software. It is the most widely used e-learning standard and will allow you to load and play SCORM packages from anywhere within your training. Think of it as the standard that lets any DVD play in any DVD player.

Certifications and Gamification

You can reward badges and certificates along the way to keep learners engaged and motivated. These will display on the users’ profile and personalized certificates can be printed or exported as a PDF.



Opigno uses the Drupal Commerce suite of modules allowing you to sell subscriptions or one-time payments for access to training content eliminating the need for any external subscription system.

Communication and Collaboration

Each Learning path has its own optional forum allowing learners to discuss and collaborate on their training and can be moderated by the course administrators. Users can also communicate by private messages and receive notifications of messages, forum replies, and changes to course content



A robust reporting system allows you to review global statistics or drill down to individual courses or user statistics. This will allow you to track a class’s progress and identify areas where learners might be getting stuck and refine your training.


Anyone, Anywhere

Opigno is WCAG 2.0 compliant meaning your content is accessible for users with disabilities and with full mobile support users can continue their training from desktop to mobile with ease.

What we can do for you?

If Opigno seems like it might fit the bill for your organizations’ training needs, we can help you hit the ground running! Contact us today to set up a free consult.

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