Why Drupal?

In a nutshell, Drupal is modular, scalable, powerful and dynamic. The new standard for CMS sites, Drupal is based on PHP/MySQL, and is open source. This means that innumerable developers are continually contributing to the advancement of the program’s borders and abilities. Drupal is the answer to the astronomical costs of commercial proprietary content management systems.  Cutting out the software costs allows you to put money towards the experts that will ultimately make your project a success.

Free to use and infinitely alterable, Drupal can build a site as simple, or as complex, as required. That’s where Fuse Interactive comes in, directing clients on the type of foundation that needs to be created, executing the planning, design and build right through to launch, and even ongoing management and expansion. For clients, this means a simple way to manage a site that costs much less to create. High performance, SEO freindly out of the box, and totally portable — meaning you're not tied to the one agency or studio that developed your project.

Here is a quick Drupal feature roundup:

  • Open Source Software - meaning free to use, change and extend as you see fit.
  • Modular - if Drupal doesn't do what you want it to out of the box, then chances are pretty good that someone has contributed a module to the community that does exactly what you want it to.
  • Infinitely Configurable - Drupal can be configured in myriad ways to meet your business objectives.
  • Easy to manage - Drupal helps you push timely content to the web.
  • Low cost of ownership - with no licensing fees, Drupal will save you money.  probably lots of it.
  • Community supported - with thousands of Drupal professionals out there you are always going to be taken care of, even if our office blows up with us inside.
  • Portable -  Drupal is not host or vendor specific making it deployable in most infrastructures.
  • Mature & Well-Documented  -  Drupal has been the premier open source CMS player for a long time and is amazingly well documented.
  • SEO friendly out-of-the-box
  • Drupal is not just a CMS, it's a development platform
  • Drupal helps cut production time - automating many otherwise tedious tasks.