Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog Magazine is arguably the best Dog magazine on the planet. While many magazines and periodicals have shrinking readership, Modern Dog’s readership is growing steadily. They also have a very popular website that complements the magazine. Photo contests, articles, product info, breed profiles, etc. get people coming back to the site for more.

Modern Dog’s old site was...well...old. Running Drupal 5 and Ubercart, it was getting tough to maintain and there were some issues with some of the functionality on the site. Late in 2012 we were approached by Modern Dog Magazine to take over the rebuild of their site on Drupal 7 from another company. We took Modern Dog’s design and a poorly and partially built site and finished the job right.

Some of the more challenging components of this site included: Subscription management system integration, Affiliate program development and integration, Contest voting system and a pretty complex migration of legacy content.