Test Wrangling

Evan — November 19th ’13

I was recently responsible for building a suite of Behat-based tests for an existing site using the excellent Behat Drupal Extension. After initially wrapping my head around Behat with some simple tests, I moved on to some more complex tests for the site's business logic, involving the creation of nodes and the voting API. Happy with my test feature, I ran it a couple of times only to get a different result every time; sometimes it would pass, sometimes it would fail early and sometimes it would fail on the penultimate step. What was going on?

As part of a recent movement to think critically about our front-end best practices, many of us are reconsidering the merits of presentational class names, previously frowned upon as “unsemantic”. Building on these ideas, I’ll show how character escapes, a little-known feature of CSS, can help make these presentational classes both more versatile and more readable.
Debug the "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in element_children() (line 6xxx of .../includes/" error in Drupal quickly with this little snippet!
So you've been reading about this Drush-based server management tool called "Seed" that we've been touting for the past year and you want it. There's just one problem. You're on OSX. Well have no fear, follow this tutorial and you'll be up and running with Seed on your Mac in no time!
When a user is trying to search something on your website, you want to help them find what they want quickly. We are human, we make mistakes. When users make a typo, we should try to guess what they are looking for so that they don't have to type it again. Especially when more users use their smart phone/tablet to browse the web. It is much harder for them to re-type their searches.