So you’ve got a shiny new website. It’s been built on Drupal, the best Open Source CMS platform on the planet. You can easily manage all the content on your website. It’s responsive and works beautifully on all devices. It’s so nice not to need your agency, or web shop anymore isn’t it - you have the power! But wait… one day you wake up, pour yourself a cup of joe and login to your site to post that press release that needs to go out today... and see this unnerving warning:

One frequent request we receive from clients is the ability to output certain content on their sites (for example product spec sheets, reports, lists or pages) as a PDF file. The Print module has been our trusty go-to for a long time and the module maintainer has done a great job ensuring it's compatible with a number of PDF generating libraries, but if you've never been tasked with setting it up you might be wondering which library to use. In this blog post, I'll run through some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Articles relating to the magic of icon fonts are being published at an ever increasing rate. They have various methods of getting their ideas across, but the general theme revolves around ease of implementation, and efficacy when used in responsive development.

No longer do us designers have to worry about exporting multiple versions of our icons. This can now all be done by code. Need to adjust the colour? CSS. Need to change the size? CSS. Need to swap out an icon? … well, you get the point.


· We want to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site.

· We want to be able to test changes on live server environment.

· We want to easily roll back changes.

1. How to minimize down time when deploying changes to the live site?

Things have been changing quickly over the last couple of years when it comes to designing and building websites that are optimized for mobile, tablet & desktop. While dedicated mobile sites and apps still have their use cases, responsive web design is more often than not where we land after establishing a multi-platform web strategy.