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Upgrade your training with Opigno LMS

Why Opigno and open source Opigno is a Drupal-based LMS that is designed for universities, government organizations and businesses big and small. Being built with Drupal means it’s easily scalable, flexible and open source. Thousands of companies in many different sectors have already chosen to use Opigno for their e-learning solution.

Changing the Rules for Drupal 8

This left me looking for something else to step in as our Swiss Army knife that could help satisfy random functional requirements. After some googling and unsuccessful attempts with other modules I stumbled upon Business Rules. While still a fairly young module, it is already quite powerful and stable. To put it through its paces, I set out to try building a couple of rules in Drupal 8 that we used often in 7.    

What does Drupal 7 End of Life mean for your business?

Firstly - what does End-of-Life mean? When your version of Drupal reaches end of life, it doesn’t mean that your website will stop working immediately. It does, however, mean that you will be running a version that is no longer supported. Practically speaking, it means that there will cease to be any security updates provided for Drupal 7 core by the Drupal security team. Without security updates your website and hosting infrastructure could be vulnerable to new exploits/hackers. 

Adventures with Drupal's Layout Builder

We recently had the opportunity to dive into developing a site using the layout builder as the primary method of layout and block placement. Although we were apprehensive to rely on a currently experimental module to handle all the layout and content organization once we dug in, we were pleasantly surprised with how it handled what we threw at it. That being said there was a fair amount of setup needed to really get it working how we wanted it to.

The module formerly known as Yaml Form

What’s lived on from Webform All the basics are there to get you started. The easy to use element builder that we’re all familiar with lives on although it’s received some much needed UI upgrades. The ability to set up conditional logic, send out emails, review and export submission are all in there with some nice extras to boot. What’s new Handlers

Care and Handling of Drupal: Contributing to Core

Drupal has a fantastic community of hard-working individuals, many of whom do not see remuneration for their efforts to keep Drupal moving forward. It can be truly rewarding to contribute to large projects like this, knowing that the work you do is improving the lives of many developers and clients the world over.